Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Eddie looks like his tail is getting better, we thought he may have broken it, but now it's looking like it may have just been bruised, he is holding up again and hasn't been bothered at all by company, in fact they have both been quite snuggley and cuddley over the last week or so, I'm thinking it may have something to do with them moulting though, it's everywhere!!! My duvet looks like it's mohair! It's a good job we love them, or they may get Immaced :p hee hee!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

I'm sad to report the death of another packet of crisps. The body was discovered this morning, in the kitchen, it was too late for first aid. Punishment was dealt out by Justice Box this evening, the administration of flea repellent.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Bin Day

Bin Day is not a popular day! First of all the bin is taken from the yard and placed in the backalleyway, this means that extra hard jumping is needed to reach the top of the wall. (Lucy doesn't bother) If this wasn't enough trauma and stress for a poor little pussycat, the binmen come and clang and bang and make lots of scary noises, bin day is a day of bed!

Today Lucy was sat waiting for Eddie to come back in, she does this a lot and it's rather cute. Most often she will wait either in the back bedroom window or the dining room window, but today she sat in the yard just staring up at the two brick gap in the wall, waiting for Eddie to appear. She waited, she waited some more. I was staring to wonder where she was at this point so I went downstairs to see where she was, she is normally on my bed, lying in such a way that I have to lie at a daft angle. She was there still waiting in the yard for Eddie, but Eddie had come in a while ago and was asleep on the bed, poor little Lucy! This has happened before, and of course will again, and every time she will have that same confused look on her face when I carry her upstairs and show her a sleeping Eddie on the bed!

PS: My friend found her cat hiding in a pile of garden junk and wood, very dirty but fine!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Lucy has been having a day of stupidity today, even though the window has been open almost all day (we have no cat flap) she has decided to just run about the house and attack everything in sight, she is now however just sitting on the arm of the sofa, like butter wouldn't melt! hmph!

To help try and ignore these goings-on I have been making a cat out of a towel! There will be photos as and when I finish it :D

I'm worrying about my friend's cat though, she went missing this morning and hasn't been spotted yet, pretty much a house cat too! Hope she turns up, cats do have a habit of buggering off for a few days then coming back demanding biscuits and snuggles :p

Sunday, 8 March 2009

yeah yeah yeah...

I know, I know I haven't written in here in aaaages, reason being I totally forgot about the whole blog thing! I fail at blogging!
Anyway, what have the two little bundles of wonder been up to? Loads! Lucy has become a great hunter since I last posted here, she has managed to hunt out several bags of crisps from the kitchen and even sourced a spare rib and a chicken bone from outside, we don't know where from and to be honest, it's probably best not to know!
Eddie on the other hand has a new figurehead of hate, Posh Cat! Post Cat comes and sits in our back yard at night, Eddie doesn't like this and much attacking of windows, hissing and skreetching goes on. We call him Posh Cat as he looks to be an Ocecat or some other pedigree breed.
Last night however we did spot another cat in the yard, this one was a small black cat, all fluffy and possibly female, we have seen Eddie chasing her before, so we think he may actually like this one, she is adorable too and hus is more than welcome to move in :D

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Not posted in ages, I took the tab off my toolbar thinking I would still remember to blog, but no, out of sight out of mind I guess, anyway, what's the news?
Well, it seems that Eddie isn't all that happy with any other cats on his turf, there have been staring matches with his nemesis 'the hitler cat', and rooftop meowing scenes with 'ginger cat'. Ginger cat seems to quite like Lucy though, a couple of times she has come back to the house in rather a good mood, so its looking like romance is in the air! Such a shame she has been 'done', I would love to have little fluffy kittens running about, but then again it would be heartbreaking to give them away :(
In toy news, it seems that even though both cats have beds full of toys, they much prefer to play with a kinder egg plastic shell with biscuits in, a plastic drinking straw and Lucy has developed a love for my high heel foot cushions, to the point where I can't leave them in the shoes, I have to hide them from her or they go missing and I have to hunt all over the house!
I think the christmas tree maybe going up this weekend, that should be fun, I can see Lucy trying to climb it, not to mention the excitement all that tinsle will bring! At least it will be a source of many a LOLcat photo!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Up on the roooooooof...

Yesterday Lucy had an adventure onto the back door porch roof, it was a big jump up there from the window sil, espically for such a little cat, but she made it! Then she wandered round in circles a few times before looking into the window at myself and my Mum sitting at the table, she had 'help me' written on her face, she was stuck!
So I had to drag a chair to the window, stand with one foot on there, one on the window sil, hanging out of the window, in my pj's and slippers and then I scooped her down, much to the amusement of both my Mum and Eddie, who was watching too.